UNISON,  University of Sheffield Branch  are declaring their full support for the industrial action UCU are taking.
UNISON  had a 66% strike vote,  and if the rules around  ‘turnout’  numbers,   not been imposed,  we would have been on the picket lines with you.  Our sister union Unite are in a similar position.   So while we cannot be out on strike with you in body, we are with you in spirit, and in voice.
UNISON thanks UCU  for the bold action it is taking.   We are stronger when we all stand together and make the discontent known.  We have to fight injustice,  fight pay cuts,  fight the attack on pensions,  fight the unmanageable workloads,   fight for job security.   We demand fair and equal pay.   Too long we have been subjected to unfair treatment.
This is our united message to employers:   You say Low Pay  –  We say NO WAY…     You say Cut Back – We say FIGHT BACK.
UNISON call upon UUK and UCEA to return to the bargaining table with a genuine and reasonable starting point.  UNISON  call on Employers to commit to ensuring job security and manageable workloads for all staff.
Thank you,  everyone standing here and everyone taking action.
In Solidarity.   UNISON   University of Sheffield Branch.