Welcome to The UNISON branch at the University of Sheffield.

UNISON University of Sheffield branch aims to improve the working lives and well-being of our members and we impact on the working conditions of all staff of the University.  Our membership  is  made up of staff  who are:  managers,  administrative,  clerical  and professional services of which we have bargaining rights to negotiate on your behalf.  Through working with the other campus trade unions,  GMB,  UCU  & Unite   we can make life better for everyone here at the university.

With 1.3 million voices behind us our branch members, who fulfil a wide variety of roles including clerical, administrative, library, nursing, and ancillary position,  we are here to help make a difference in your workplace.  We encourage all our members to take an active part in UNISON, from recruitment to workplace representation, health & safety, education and learning to supporting members through disciplinary actions.

Anyone can have a problem in the workplace –  we are here to help.   If you want your  your voice heard it is vital that you join a union.

Your Union, Your Branch, Your Workplace. Become a Member,  Download, Your MEMBERSHIP-FORM1-UoS-2022 (pay via salary).

Join UNISON and have your voice heard.   Together we are stronger.