Branch Executive

The Branch Executive is made up of the Branch Chair, Branch Secretary, Assistant Branch Secretary, the Treasurer and the Administrative Support Officer.

What does the Branch Executive do locally?  

JUCC (Joint Unions Campus Committee)

  • A place where all unions on campus can meet to discuss collective approaches and responses with the aim of equal and fair representation for all staff.
  • A variety of sub-committees can cover a range of things including but not limited to;  Reward Schemes, Welfare, Redundancy and Terms and Conditions of Work .
  • JUCC is an excellent opportunity for our executive to meet and work with the executives of other unions and the representation of our employers. Naturally this entails a great deal of research and preparatory work, often done outside of working hours.

Restructures, Representation and Resolution

  • As with any workplace changes to the workforce inevitably occur; our executive works continuously with our employers to ensure that our member’s interests are safe.
  • Unfortunately not all issues can be easily resolved and our executive works heavily with Regional and National officers to take cases forward as necessary.
  • Naturally this also entails regular and constant training and development to ensure that we are following the correct procedures and offering the best support.

Management, Finance and Administration

  • As with the organisation of any large group a great deal of time is spent by our Executive chasing emails, pursuing phone calls and meeting with members, whether they be long time or brand new.
  • Good finances is tantamount to an effective branch and our executive is constantly undertaking duties on behalf of the branch, it’s members  and it’s staff.
  • With hundreds of members comes thousands of enquiries and managing and supporting the staff who work within our branch is a substantial part of our Executive’s day to day work.

In addition to all their executive work these people are equally members of the union and find time to be activists, stewards and one of a million voices.