Branch Committee

The Branch Committee is made up of all the elected Stewards, Workplace Contacts, Branch Officers, Branch Executive, and the Administrative Support Officer.

What does the Branch Committee do locally?  

The Committee’s primary work is to act with Delegated Responsibility  where we discuss the day-to-day business of the Branch, vote and agree a range of actions on behalf of all members and pursue UNISON’s wider aims within our workplace.

  • Representing members : It could be a dispute about pay, pensions or workplace pressures but giving a voice to our members is our primary aim. This doesn’t just involve meetings but also research, interviews and other preparatory work.
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  • Training and knowledge: All branch officers undertake training to facilitate their work and support our members.
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  • Advice and Support: Whether it’s talking to members over coffee or working with our employers; much of our time is spent reassuring, advising and supporting our members.
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In addition to this the committee is responsible for organising and undertaking a wide range of opportunities, including;

  • Recruitment, Organising Annual events and Specific Roles 
    • These range from supporting welfare and equalities actions to managing communications or supporting lifelong learning.
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Whilst a great deal of our time is spent working locally we also work with our regional branches and UNISON at large on national and international projects; including Self Organised Groups, National Conferences, and Ongoing Activism.