The UK government has announced that universities will have certainty over future funding and should continue to bid for competitive EU funds while the UK remains a member of the EU.

Where UK organisations bid directly to the European Commission on a competitive basis for EU funding projects while we are still a member of the EU.

For example, universities participating in Horizon 2020, the Treasury will underwrite the payments of such awards, even when specific projects continue beyond the UK’s departure from the EU.

This means the University of Manchester will receive £5 million funding for the     Graphene Engineering     Innovation Centre (GEIC). This will fund equipment needed for a new facility which will exploit and     maintain the UK’s world-leading position in graphene and related 2-D materials.

The Scottish government has announced a £100m investment package to stimulate the economy.

The commitment by the UK Government also means that £40m for Swansea University’s new Bay Campus is secure, along with £9.3m for the Beacon project helping develop the low carbon industry.

In addition, UK universities will start to look to other non-EU Universities to undertake research.

UK Universities have a global reputation and will start to explore relationships with other global partners in countries such as US, India, Australia and New Zealand as well as the EU.