UNISON-BANNER-TEMPThere are a number of opportunities for members to be more involved in the branch.

Treasurer role

Tasks relating to the office of Branch Treasurer:- 

  • to conduct the branch’s financial business
  • to keep accounts in accordance with the rules
  • to provide reports on the financial position of the branch committee
  • to provide a detailed financial report for the annual branch meeting(s)
  • to advise the branch officers and branch committee in respect of matters relating to financial management and appropriate expenditure
  • to provide an audited annual return of branch income

Education Co-ordinator role

Tasks relating to the post of Branch Education Co-ordinator:-

  • To make sure all new stewards and safety representatives receive initial information and guidance about their duties, e.g. stewards handbook, rulebook, service conditions agreements, etc
  • To publicise the range of educational and training opportunities available to members and activists
  • To get untrained stewards, safety representatives and other branch officers onto appropriate training courses
  • To co-ordinate and support the work of learning representatives to encourage branch members and activists to make use of the UNISON courses
  • To maintain contact with the regional education officer/regional learning and organising committee
  • To establish a plan of training for activists and to produce an annual budget to meet its costs
  • To keep records of what training has been undertaken and by whom within the branch
  • To make sure that activists get paid time off for training where appropriate

Communications Officer role

Tasks relating to the post of Branch Communications Officer:-

  • to explain UNISON’s policies and to provide the information members need to play an active role in their union
  • to assist with efforts to recruit new members
  • to help support UNISON’s national and regional campaigns
  • to help create a positive image for the branch among members, potential members and the public
  • to produce news-sheets or bulletins for distribution to branch members
  • to lead on the development of electronic communication with members – email, web, etc
  • to ensure branch communications are in the accessible formats members need – audit for any particular requirements such as large print/Braille etc
  • to ensure that nationally and regionally produced publicity and campaign materials are distributed, as appropriate, to stewards and onward to members and non-members
  • to monitor local media for stories which affect the branch and take appropriate action

To help ensure that the branch makes effective contact with the media whenever necessary by:

  • creating and maintaining lists of media and contacts
  • writing press releases
  • ensuring that appropriate individuals within the branch are available for comments, interviews etc
  • writing ‘letters to the editor’

Young Members’ Officer role

The role of the Branch Young Members’ Officer is ideal for someone who is interested in becoming more active in the union. The post may be a stepping stone to becoming a steward or taking on wider roles. Tasks relating to the post of Young Members’ Officer:

  • to recruit new members and to encourage existing young members to become active in the branch
  • to make sure issues of concern to young workers are raised by the branch
  • to act as a focal point for all young workers in the branch and workplaces
  • to receive and distribute UNISON young members information
  • to encourage involvement in UNISON young members campaigns
  • to build branch young members organisation and to ensure there are potential new young members’ officers in the future.

Other branch officers will assist in these tasks. Branch Young Members’ Officer must be under 27 years of age for the whole of their term of office and be nominated by young members.

If you are interested in any of these roles please email